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Ecommerce Site Mistakes Users Should Avoid

Whether you are going to start a brick-and-mortar business or an eCommerce business, you need to design and develop your business presence that can boost its visibility and profitability. Online selling (e-commerce) has become more popular in last few years, as it remains available 24/7, while allowing the store owner to target their local market but you can also focus on international market places too, which is a big plus point for your business.

For explicit operations of your business both in the international and local market before going to start ecommerce operations, make sure to avoid the below mentioned mistakes to succeed.

1.     Choosing a wrong platform:

For your online website performance, you need to outline your shopping cart needs, align them in an order and then see which ecommerce platform deem fits the most in fulfilling those needs.

You must need to know that your product needs to be effectively presented on your online store, not only for the customers but also for the search engines too. Before selecting an ecommerce shopping cart, you have to be very clear about your business goals and your target market. You can also analyze your competitors’ performance and choose a platform accordingly.

IF you are having a good budget then you can go with custom development, look for the platform that has built in features and also supports third party payment processor like PayPal etc. There are so many ecommerce platforms available like, magento, shopify, prestashop, big commerce, wordpress and many more. You just need to discover the built in features that are suitable as per needs of your business. Right now magento is the top most popular open source shopping cart platform in the ecommerce industry for all (small-large scale) type of businesses.

2.     Website visual Hierarchy:

Your website is an online location for your potential customers to stop in and check all the available products they are interested in. To let your customers stay on your site; the visual hierarchy of your store plays a crucial role; it is one of the basic component that appeal visitors to stay on your website and browse in.

High quality templates are a kind of basic need of online stores; people are there to buy from you, they are not just surfing around to get some information. Being a good store owner, you need to have a captivating presentation of your products to fascinate and facilitate them.

3.     Providing distracted product description:

In an ecommerce store, product images are more important to show case to your visitors. Images which are not high quality and in some cases, if images are not displaying the details of products in interactive manners then definitely you are pushing your customers to lose their interest. Images can do all the selling; showing your products from different angles and providing the information that is required by your customer can sell your products by themselves.

4.     Hard checkout process:

After selecting a product (adding it into the cart) your customers are going to checkout and make a purchase. If you are providing a long and complex process to checkout, you are definitely shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure to provide a smooth and easy one-page checkout process to assist your customers better. Sites with complicated checkout process are most likely asking their customers to leave the things on the table and move on.


Stop throwing spaghetti on the wall, be purposeful and spend time to develop a successful path towards your destination. Every businesses success is behind their customer’s success.

In order to be a successful retailer, you should incorporate all the possible efforts to improve the performance of your store for your customers’ satisfaction. Think about your needs, Consult some Expert Ecommerce Site Developer and discuss functionality of your store, create a plan and then execute them things accordingly.